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Mindpepper and Mind Work Productions together

On the 8th of February Mindpepper, in collaboration with Robert Hersée, provided a juggling presentation and training for the company Mind Work Productions ( Mind Work Productions is a Change Agency, whose change agents help clients achieve their transformational goals. Mind Work Productions is a young and very dynamic and fast growing company. It was super fun to let them occupy themselves with changes through juggling as a metaphor for the Art of Letting Go.

Mindpepper's olympic flame

On February 8th 2018 Mindpepper tailormade a presentation for electronics firms ABB and Oosterberg. The day before the opening of the Olympic Winter Games was a splendid occasion for the 126 year old ABB to pass the torch to Oosterberg, a partner company which celebrates its 125 year anniversary in the coming year. Employees from Oosterberg had been picked up from work by limo’s, what a surprise! After his inspiring speech the Dutch Olympic gold medallist for long distance swimming Maarten van der Weijden lit the Olympic Flame on stage with a juggling torch.

Second life for wool

Look at this marvellous piece of knitting work! This skirt was fabricated from some wool  that was left over after a wool act. It is a beautiful creation by Mathilde Bosker from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam tosses a ball of wool around

There is a lot going on in the city of Amsterdam . Reorganizations. Centralization. On the 22 of January there was a morning program full of workshops in the Tuinstadhuis in Amsterdam New -West. To end the morning Mindpepper performed a woolact . An excellent way to visualize the themes “networking” , “One Amsterdam” and “Support each other”. While the audience was interconnected with the wool, district secretary Hepko Wink added some wise words about the dynamics of networks and his thoughts onthe future for the employees.

It was a joy to work for the municipality of Amsterdam!

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