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Amsterdam tosses a ball of wool around

There is a lot going on in the city of Amsterdam . Reorganizations. Centralization. On the 22 of January there was a morning program full of workshops in the Tuinstadhuis in Amsterdam New -West. To end the morning Mindpepper performed a woolact . An excellent way to visualize the themes “networking” , “One Amsterdam” and “Support each other”. While the audience was interconnected with the wool, district secretary Hepko Wink added some wise words about the dynamics of networks and his thoughts onthe future for the employees.

It was a joy to work for the municipality of Amsterdam!

Laughter stimulates behavior that benefits the development of relationships.

If people have laughed together, they behave more openly to each other, according to new research.

When subjects collectively watch a comedy film, they are immediately thereafter willing to share a lot of personal information with each other.

They themselves are not even aware of that outspokenness.

This is reported by researchers at University College London in the journal Human Nature.

The researchers had 112 students in groups to watch different films. Some groups were shown a comedy film, others watched an instructional video for golfers or a nature film.

Give a power company some energy

One of the major power companies in the Netherlands organized a day for a whole new marketing team. Get to know each other. Talk about new strategies. A young team, full of enthusiasm. "We also want something fun that energizes everybody before we have diner together. Theme: A new team and new method. Can you do something with that?" The juggling training The Art of Letting Go was just what they asked for. What nice and enthusiastic people. I would love to work with them again.

A new name sees the light of day.

A change of name of a company. How are we going to communicate this to the 62 employees? It is a positive change , so it may be a little festive. Finally the choice was for the juggling show with a special end: the symbolic cutting of a ribbon. The ribbon was in this case stretched between two jugglers and was cut while the juggling clubs were flying around the three people who jointly inaugurate the cutting moment. A couple of confetti cannons to complete the picture. It was a successful show with a beautiful finish. The new name " Arcq " is of to a good start!

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