Mindpepper's olympic flame

On February 8th 2018 Mindpepper tailormade a presentation for electronics firms ABB and Oosterberg. The day before the opening of the Olympic Winter Games was a splendid occasion for the 126 year old ABB to pass the torch to Oosterberg, a partner company which celebrates its 125 year anniversary in the coming year. Employees from Oosterberg had been picked up from work by limo’s, what a surprise! After his inspiring speech the Dutch Olympic gold medallist for long distance swimming Maarten van der Weijden lit the Olympic Flame on stage with a juggling torch. This symbolic gesture kicked off Mindpeppers fiery act with a unicycle and torches. What an excitement, the spectacle will surely be talked about for a long while. Many thanks to event manager Yvon Verwoerd from Novytijd. 


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