The art of letting go

Would you like to organize a truly memorable opening or closing act of your conference, staff meeting or event? Our juggling show and the message it conveys will remain in people’s minds, create conversation during the rest of the day and food for thought long after the event.

After a serious announcement by a guest lecturer or researcher, our speaker will use an introduction on ‘changes in the socio-economic and social field’ to work towards the juggling as a metaphor for change. The aydience will experience something quite different than what they tend to expect.


Spectacular and surprising

Our multitaskers put things into perspective and work towards a climax where two volunteers are invited on stage. They take the symbolic first step forward showing the courage and willpower that change often requires.

The content of the presentation is custom-made. The presentation can easily deal with key concepts like managing change, flexibility, connection, cooperation, communication, trust, mission & vision and challenges and visualize how to break down barriers.

As an opening act, during the day or as the final stage of a meeting, seminar or conference, to convey a message in a lighthearted manner and to surprise those present in a most spectacular way.

The quick version

A short, fifteen minute presentation is can sometimes be a perfect option for a flashing opening or closing act. It can also be used as an interlude in a busy day, to create some distraction. The important themes of the day will be presented within those fifteen minutes and put into perspective. A team of verbally strong jugglers will keep all the balls, juggling clubs and knives in the air, using humor and spectacle, while they bring the participants to a high level of alertness. This show gives energy, motivates and triggers the participants on the level of content.

Training session

Would you like to experience the Art of Letting Go hands on? We also offer juggling training and the option to combine this with a show.




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