Juggling Workshop

"The Art of Letting Go" as a content related interlude

As a child, learning to do things comes naturally. There are no habits you need to unlearn nor are you held back by fears of failure. It is also easier for adults to learn when they are (literally) moving. Through the parallels that exist between learning and juggling, our trainer invites you to pick up the balls and play.

Learn and relax

Almost everyone has wanted to learn how to juggle at some point and everyone can do it, regardless of failing motor skills or other reserves. During each step of a proven learning program a parallel is made between learning, changing and releasing. Juggling provides a wonderful metaphor to connect with other, more specific topics (if desired). We also use the "Double Juggle" to stimulate learning and playing. In this exercise, we invite two people at a time to hold three balls in the air together. It is easier for people to learn the pattern of the 3 ball cascade when working together. The intention is that these couples do not continue to muddle through, but rather help each other to improve their quality of throwing, focusing and communicating.

In which situation is the juggling training suitable?

This training, which works perfectly as a content related interlude, is lighthearted, dynamic and hilarious. The training can also be offered as a series of short interludes during longer sessions (for example spread out over the course of a day) where short, five-minute exercises are a welcome distraction for participants who are basically busy with their minds. The result is a group of alert participants that laughed, moved and played and at the same time approached ‘learning and changing’ (or the topic of your meeting) in a different way.

This training session can easily be combined with the Strategic Communications Game.

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