The Networking Game

Getting to know new people through the Networking Game

Do you recognize this? You organized a networking event or customer event and the guests have a tendency to mingle with the people they already know. Because they are familiar with them. How do you get them to talk to someone else, meet new people and break the ice?

Exciting and playful.

We provide a brief introduction to explain how the networking game works. After all the participants have received a custom-made networking card and a sticker sheet in ten different colors, they can start networking. Everyone looks for two different persons per color and exchanges a sticker with them. The atmosphere is casual and informal. When exchanging stickers with each other, people also share information and write this information on the card; for example, a person's name, job title and his/her passion. The questions can be adapted to the theme of your meeting.

The objective is to network with as many people as possible within twenty-five minutes. The best networkers have to step up to the podium. Those who managed to complete their card are the ones that have networked with twenty people! And someone always succeeds. More importantly, everyone has looked at new faces, heard new names and had a taste of people who are now much easier to approach.

Great to combine with the wool act.

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