Strategic Communication Game

Process improvement and insight through an apparently simple game

This training is a hands-on game, based on the ideas by Goldratt (book: The Goal). To improve entire processes (efficient process chains) it is necessary to find (chain) bottlenecks and resolve them.

Bottlenecks are often seen as a matter of pure logistics. In fact, bottlenecks in organizations are often caused by purely human factors. Egos, poor communication, rigid organizational structures, compartmentalized thinking, top-down versus bottom-up, lack of flexibility and creativity, stuck in the old paradigms, etc..

Simple and challenging

A simple yet challenging game using a variety of balls from a large suitcase makes many of these processes visible and tangible. The runtime (throughput) is greatly improved by a combination of "systems analysis", brainstorming, reorganizing, constantly wanting to improve, cooperation and clear communication.

In which situation is the Strategic Communication Game suitable?

Experience what it is like to be part of a process flow. The game provides a snapshot of the current cooperation between all the participants of the group. Immediate insight into how people deal with one another's creativity, (crazy/unfeasible) ideas and solutions.

Through the game it soon becomes clear which decision-making processes do and do not work for this group and what it takes to be able to make choices under (time) pressure. Everyone’s responsibility within such a process will be discussed, implicitly as well as explicitly. And always with respect, fun and guts.

This game can easily be combined with a juggling training.

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