Wool act

Opening act or exciting closure which gives you energy!

During the wool act, the audience rapidly creates a visual and tangible ‘network’. In his act, the artist interacts with the audience, inviting them to help create this network. Accompanied by stirring music, coloured wool is thrown from all sides into the auditorium and everyone is soon entangled in an enormous web.

Corporate wool act

Our speaker’s introduction is purposely a serious one. The audience expects him to outline a (familiar) theme, which is often cooperation, networking, speed-dating, getting to know one another or connecting. The speaker clearly knows a thing or two and will make recognisable and often funny references to the theme, the organisation or the event, etc. It soon becomes clear that this ‘Business Guru’ has other plans for the audience and, after a customised introduction of 10-15 minutes, the wool-throwing begins!

It is also possible to opt for a shorter variation on the Wool Act, in which the introduction is restricted to a maximum of 5 minutes. This wool act last no longer than 15 minutes.

Key concepts

Networking, the power of cooperation (it is very easy to snap one thread, while the joint force of the network forms a strong whole), sharing ideas and sharing information.


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