Who are we?

Motivational performers, inspirational speakers, amazing  jugglers, ingenious writers and business actors.

Maike and Michiel have elevated versatility to an art. Over the past twenty years, they have been performing for a variety of companies and public authorities in the Netherlands and abroad. Their greatest strength is flexibility: they transform every organization, every message, every situation flawlessly into a corporate show, workshop or customized training session. So far, they have performed more than 1,500 shows together.

Maike Aerden graduated in Dutch Language and Literature. Since 1995 she has been working as a freelance copywriter, speaker and chairman in all sectors of society. And as a skilled juggler she is also very agile with cones, balls, knives and whips. She uniquely combines her talents in the performances with Michiel: one moment she is telling the audience a serious story, a few seconds later the clubs are flying through the air. When it comes to Maike, objectivity and professionalism go hand in hand with humor, pace and rough edges.




At a young age Michiel Hesseling created quite a stir with his extraordinary juggling talents. In his twenties he flew around the world as part of the juggling duo The Flying Dutchmen, won over a dozen prizes and inspired an entire generation of jugglers. When he first participated in a juggling show at a corporate event, he was blown away. Michiel sinks his teeth into the subject, masters the essence of the message and incorporates it into a motivating and inspiring performance that is bound to capture the attention of any audience.

Maike and Michiel perform as a duo, but also separately from each other and together with others. Depending on your wishes and program, we bring the right artists together.

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