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Mindpepper collaboration with Mind Work Production for Egeria

On June 21st Mindpepper did a nice combination with Mind Work Productions for Egeria Capital Management at the IJ in Amsterdam.
Maarten and Vera from MWP kicked off with a nice presentation and interactive exercises about the winners mindset. Then we came with a juggling show. After the show we went outside for the juggling training. Luckily there were just some clouds on the sky on this very hot day! Maarten and Vera closed the whole thing off before everyone went to dinner.
Thanks for the invitation Egeria and thanks for the cooperation MWP!

ABB Updat Event

Last year we performed at the 125th year anniversary party with fire torches, a unicycle and a tailor made show. We shared the stage with Maarten van der Weijden. This year Diederik Samson was the keynote speaker for the ABB Update Event. Twice we performed together with Wouter Hesseling for the 700 clients and relations of ABB that visited over the two day event. 

Wool act for the HIV assocation

On February 16th, Mindpepper performed a wool act on the Horst estate in Driebergen. This time the HIV association was the inviting party. Making connections between people with HIV, partners, family members, friends and acquaintances. So you can exchange stories and help and reinforce each other with your experiences. The wool act was again very suitable as a metaphor for all these connections. Always a pleasure to facilitate those connections!

Mindpepper and Mind Work Productions together

On the 8th of February Mindpepper, in collaboration with Robert Hersée, provided a juggling presentation and training for the company Mind Work Productions ( Mind Work Productions is a Change Agency, whose change agents help clients achieve their transformational goals. Mind Work Productions is a young and very dynamic and fast growing company. It was super fun to let them occupy themselves with changes through juggling as a metaphor for the Art of Letting Go.

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