Second life for wool

Look at this marvellous piece of knitting work! This skirt was fabricated from some wool  that was left over after a wool act. It is a beautiful creation by Mathilde Bosker from Amsterdam.

Today the red and white skirt is the flag ship of the Mindpepper recycling of materials used in workshops, trainings and shows. Second life wool finds a destination in knitting circles, producing sweaters for example. These are sometimes sold to raise funds for projects in Africa or they might be donated to orphanages in Romania. Sometimes the wool lands in children’s day-care utilities or in institutions for people with psychiatric challenges as part of the therapeutic daytime activities. 

Do you have a valid destination for a big bag of wool? Please, let us know and we will keep you in mind.

The wool act is a lot of fun for the audience and creates a tangible visual image of a network and the importance of sharing ideas and knowledge. And even after the official presentation the wool still offers many people fun and comfort.


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