The art of letting go

Would you like to organize a truly memorable opening or closing act of your conference, staff meeting or event? Our juggling show and the message it conveys will remain in people’s minds, create conversation during the rest of the day and food for thought long after the event.

After a serious announcement by a guest lecturer or researcher, our speaker will use an introduction on ‘changes in the socio-economic and social field’ to work towards the juggling as a metaphor for change. The aydience will experience something quite different than what they tend to expect.

Wool act

Opening act or exciting closure which gives you energy!

During the wool act, the audience rapidly creates a visual and tangible ‘network’. In his act, the artist interacts with the audience, inviting them to help create this network. Accompanied by stirring music, coloured wool is thrown from all sides into the auditorium and everyone is soon entangled in an enormous web.

Corporate wool act

Opening act

The opening of a new building should always incorporate that special moment during which the building is officially opened. One or more speakers will shed light on the design and construction process and say a word of thanks. In accordance with good practice the ribbon cutting ceremony will follow afterwards.

Trade fairs

What is the most important thing at a trade fair? Generating leads. Appeal to as many potential customers as possible and exchange contact information. Mindpepper has years of experience working at trade fairs. Addressing the audience, often difficult for many exhibitors, is no problem for us. We make contact with the visitor in an unusual way and ensure that he enters your booth with a smile.

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