Spice up your Program

You’re busy organizing an event for employees, customers or business partners. You want to introduce a change, cast a glance into the future, convey your mission and vision statement or simply celebrate an anniversary. How do you keep your audience captivated?

Custom-made for you

Maike and Michiel inspire your audience with a spectacular custom-made show. Thanks to a clever intake, Maike and Michiel always know how to touch the essence and surprise the audience with their knowledge of the business. Business jargon? No problem, we thrive on it!

Latest Mindpepper news

Yesterday we did a show as a closing for the celebration of the lustrum of Learning Community Springhigh. Springhigh is a great school under the...

Green light from the government. Meetings with a live audience are allowed again! Yesterday we did a woolact for the Mindlabs Family in Tilburg. In...

On June 21st Mindpepper did a nice combination with Mind Work Productions for Egeria Capital Management at the IJ in Amsterdam.

Last year we performed at the 125th year anniversary party with fire torches, a unicycle and a tailor made show. We shared the stage with Maarten van...

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